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Air Spa

The Hotel and Residences Kukučka are situated in the heart of Tatranská Lomnica the climate of which is classified as beneficial to health and relaxation.

A stay at us in connection with walking and relaxation on fresh clean air is an excellent medicine for respiratory system diseases and a mean for preventing various problems resulting from lung diseases.

Air spa – AerotHERAPY

The idea that specific climatic conditions may have a healing effect had been known already from the ancient history. So called air spa had been recommended as a suitable mean for increasing the physical endurance of human body.

Air spa is a title belonging to locations the climate and air quality of which is considered to be beneficial to health. Air spas are classified as efficient from a height of 900 meters above sea level.


In aerotherapy we should expose the most part of body to fresh clean air. However, in doing it, be careful to don´t get cold. Exercises, sport plays, skin massage by hand-gloves etc can help you to warm up. Sun isn´t a prerequisite but is beneficial to aerotherapy. Sun rays increase the welfare.


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