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Nordic Walking

Nordic walking – apparently simple walking with poles – becomes more and more popular in a couple of last years. People exercise it in mountains and even in cities. It is a young sport discipline, walking with special poles similar to the ones used for skiing.

Whilst in winter we are often limited to fitness centers or own living room, summer provides for more sport activities. Nordic walking facilitates to burn by one third more calories than normal walking.

Fast walking with poles reduces hazardous shocks which cause damage to joints for example in running. Therefore it suits for people of each age. The experience is enhanced by agreeable country views taken to taste in a receivable rate.

In Nordic walking, poles are near to the body. The trunk is oriented in the walking direction and the hands sweep along the body what generates a swiveling motion of the arms and exercises the muscles.

Specific features of Nordic walking:

1. Nordic walking activates about 90% of human body muscles. A particularly important fact is that it engages also the muscles of the central part of the body – trunk. Keeping the muscle systems of this body part in good condition, particularly the abdominal and back muscles, is very important for the proper body keeping and prevention of pain and backbone disorders.

2. In Nordic walking you burn by even 46% more energy than in normal walking. This is why fat stock reduces very much faster with regular exercise of this sport discipline.

3. Nordic Walking reduces load to joints even by 30% in comparison with walking without poles. It is appreciated particularly by people suffering from arthritis and other joint diseases.

4. Nordic walking is suitable also for people having problems with keeping the balance, supporting by poles increases the walking safety.

5. Nordic walking - walking with poles facilitates climbing slopes. Feet become relieved when you engage „all-four-drive“, and also more demanding slopes are accessible.

For achieving the above mentioned effects it is of enormous importance to do it right and keep in mind that it is a sport.


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