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Tennis belongs among the most popular sports. It is an all year round sport. During winter months, it can be played in indoor halls whilst in summer you can go out on tennis courts. Play is influenced by the playground as the ball´s rebound and speed varies dependent on the surface.

Tennis strengthens all body muscles from feet up to shoulders and trunk (chest, abdomen...); you gain excellent physical condition, it is suitable also for recreational sportsmen. It develops body coordination. Namely it requires synchronizing fast movements forward, backward and sideways with shoulder movements.

Also our concentration and tactic thinking ability is exercised.

Tennis learns self-control. It is a very competitive sport helping a human to learn how to manage emotions and stress also in everyday life.

Tennis can be played unlimited regardless of age.

For our guests we offer an option to play tennis in the TenisCentrum SIMI, Tatranská Lomnica, only 850 m far from the Hotel and Residences Kukučka. You find there:

  • 2 tennis courts in an indoor hall
  • 1 court in front of the hotel serving as an ice-ring during winter

Tenis court price list:

  • tennis court/hall 20.00 EURO/hour
  • trainer 15.00 EURO/hour
  • sparing  8.00 EURO/hour
  • tennis ball 1.00 EURO/piece
  • tennis racket 3.00 EURO/piece
  • badminton 5.00 EURO/hour

Opening hours:

8.00 – 22.00 everyday

Reserve a date directly at us at reception: +421 910 11 33 22

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