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Health and relaxation

The Hotel and Residences Kukučka are situated in the heart of Tatranská Lomnica in the core of wonderful nature with mountain views within a clean air zone. Our philosophy is to interconnect relaxation with the Tatras nature.

A healthy life style, body and mind relaxation, rest, stress relieving, simply a need of active relaxation.





  • Saunas

    <a href="/en/produkt/saunas">Saunas</a>
    Cosy rest rooms offer a rest after good skiing or relaxation for body and mind. Saunas are...
  • Air Spa

    <a href="/en/produkt/air-spa">Air Spa</a>
    The Hotel and Residences Kukučka are situated in the heart of Tatranská Lomnica the climate of...
  • Fitness

    <a href="/en/produkt/fitness-94">Fitness</a>
    In this hurried era, stress relieving in a fitness centre will be beneficial to everybody. Those...
  • Massages

    <a href="/en/produkt/massages">Massages</a>
      Traditional massages – Zuzana Pavligovská Massage – touch with clear beneficial effect. The...
  • Nordic Walking

    <a href="/en/produkt/nordic-walking-96">Nordic Walking</a>
    Nordic walking – apparently simple walking with poles – becomes more and more popular in a couple...
  • Skiing

    <a href="/en/produkt/skiing">Skiing</a>
    The Hotel and Residences Kukučka**** are situated in the centre of one of the nicest and most...
  • Ice skating

    <a href="/en/produkt/ice-skating">Ice skating</a>
      Ice skating is an all-round sport requiring coordination, force, maneuverability, flexibility,...
  • Tenis

    <a href="/en/produkt/tenis-100">Tenis</a>
    Tennis belongs among the most popular sports. It is an all year round sport. During winter...
  • Swimming

    <a href="/en/produkt/swimming">Swimming</a>
    Swimming is an ideal activity for keeping your body fit over the entire life. It suits for people...
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